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Building a PLN

Finding a Way to Keep Connected
Part 1 -
Using to track updates on blogs and news sources.

Activity: Set-up your Feedly Feed
  1. Go to and log in with your Google Account. Add Feedly to you bookmarks bar.
  2. Add the Feedly Chrome App and Feedly Chrome Extension.
  3. Review the Technology and Leadership Blog list. If you have other blogs or news sources your read, share them in this form. 
    1. Add your news / blog resource to this form / view the spreadsheet.
  4. Add at least five blogs to your Feedly account. Use folders as needed to organize your resources.
Part 2 - Twitter
Twitter is an amazing way to find ideas, share information, and connect with other educators. There are two three primary ways to use Twitter:
  1. Build a PLN by following educators, subject area experts, etc.
  2. Participate in a Twitter chat.
    1. Twitter Chat Topic Index
    2. Screencast on how to follow at Twitter Chat (made for an SDSU course)
  3. Search Twitter using keywords and hashtags. You can use the Twitter Chat 
Part 3 - GUHSDtech Google+ Community 
Join our GUHSDtech community to share your triumphs, learn from others, and get inspiration! We have so much to learn from each other and this is one place where it can happen across our schools.