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Day 1 (2015)

  1. Welcome to the GUHSDtech Google Ninja Program.

  2. Learning Can Be... Activity
    • Create a Google Drawing that includes:
      1. Your group's response to the final prompt: In 2015-16, learning can be...
      2. Images that represent your group's ideas
    • When finished, export it as a .jpg and drop it into the shared Google Presentation (Cohort A | Cohort B)
    • Vote on the Best Poster -  VOTE HERE!

  3. Realizing What Learning Can Be

    Learning Can Be...

  4. SAMR Activity

  5. Lunch
    How Many? 

  6. Ninja Proverbs

  7. Logistics
    1. gScholar
    2. Incognito Window - Off for Students
    3. Open Educational Resources
    4. WeVideo

  8. Google Basics
    1. Chrome Browser
    2. Apps/Extensions/Add-ons
  9. Conversion Slams
    While there are plenty of new strategies available to us with technology,
    there are many ways to adapt and enhance what we have always done.
    Here are three new twists to
     common teacher strategies.
    1. Read&Write (April)
    2. Lessons with Forms (Reuben)
    3. Google Classroom (Dan) 

  10. Google Ninja Tech Integration Challenge
    • Complete Form
    • Solidify your commitment by sharing your plan or idea

  11. Opportunities for Growth / Closing
    1. Conferences
    2. Digital Learning Coaches
    3. Game On
      While attending the three workshops is a great start, becoming a Google Ninja is a state of mind that takes time and effort. We will be using a system developed by our own Mike Skocko to track your achievement of Ninja status.