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gScholar is a Chrome App that allows teachers to monitor and manage what their students are doing on Chromebooks. In addition to monitoring the screens of actively logged in students, teachers using gScholar can:

  • lock screens

  • push messages and documents to individuals or a whole class

  • limit to or prohibit certain websites

  • review browsing history

  • capture and save student screens

Accessing gScholar

While logged into your Google Apps for Education account, choose More from the App Selector (looks like a waffle iron) in the upper right, then gScholar.

You can also access it directly with this gScholar link.

Video Tutorials
Use of gScholar
This tool is meant to be a deterrent. Teachers should set expectations for use, enforce set guidelines, and physically monitor students in the classroom.

A couple items you need to consider:
  • Updates to gScholar will be made at the semester. You will need to manually add or drop students who come into your class for the duration of the semester. 
  • At times, one or two students may not show as active. This is a known glitch and has been reported.
  • gScholar only works in the Chrome Browser. Students using Macs and PCs who are either using another Browser or another application will NOT show up. 
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