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Drive Proficiency


  1. Watch the videos prescribed in each section

  2. Complete the quiz in each section

  3. Complete the challenges in each section

Google Drive Proficiency
Watch the following parts of the Google Drive Essentials Course at 

Click here to access the course. 
  • Introduction (2m 14s)
  • Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Google Drive (12m 23s)
  • Chapter 2 - Working with Files on Google Drive (16m 20s)
  • Chapter 3 - Organizing and Searching Google Drive (16m 26s)
  • Chapter 11 - Google Drive Settings (5m 16s)
          Total Minutes for Google Drive: 50m 25s

Google Drive Challenges:
  • Create at least one folder
  • Upload at least five documents, convert at least two of them
  • Look through your Shared with Me folder and file any relevant documents into folders
Access the Google Drive Quiz here.