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Forms Proficiency


  1. Watch the videos prescribed in each section

  2. Complete the quiz in each section

  3. Complete the challenges in each section

Google Docs Proficiency
Watch the following parts of the Google Drive Essentials Course at 

Click here to access the course. 
  • Introduction (2m 14s)
  • Chapter 6 - Working with Spreadsheets (Not all sections are required)
  • Creating and naming a Spreadsheet (2m 21s)
  • Navigating the Interface (3m 2s)
  • Working with rows and columns (5m 17s)
  • Creating charts (4m 47s)
  • Chapter 7 - Working with Forms - All (16m 9s)
Total Minutes for Google Forms and Spreadsheets: 31m 34s

Google Drive Challenges
  • Create a basic form with at least three types of questions
  • Create a spreadsheet to go with the form
  • Complete the form a few times (or have others complete it)
  • Share the live form by adding it to the quiz form
  • View the summary of the results
  • Sort the data by a different column
Access the Google Forms Quiz here.