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Docs Proficiency


  1. Watch the videos prescribed in each section

  2. Complete the quiz in each section

  3. Complete the challenges in each section

Google Docs Proficiency
Watch the following parts of the Google Drive Essentials Course at 

Click here to access the course. 
  • Introduction (2m 14s)
  • Chapter 4 - Working with Google Documents (27m 32s)
  • Chapter 5 - Working with Presentations (First section only required - 3m 58s)
  • Chapter 7 - Working with Drawings (First section only - 1m 2s)
  • Chapter 9 - Collaborating with Google Docs (20m 22s)
Total Minutes for Google Docs: 52m 54s

Google Drive Challenges
  • Create a document
  • File it in a folder
  • Share it with at least one other person
  • Make the document public, share it on the quiz form
  • Add a comment to text
  • Look at the revision history
Access the Google Docs Quiz here.