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Google Proficiency

The Google Apps for Education toolset is fast becoming a standard in the Grossmont Union High School District. Having a basic understanding of Google Drive, Docs, and Forms is becoming an essential part of working, teaching, and learning in GUHSD.

As a result, it has been added as a prerequisite for getting Chromebook carts and a new teacher computer.

If a teacher is already skilled in these topics, they can declare proficiency through the self assessment portion of the Teacher Computer and Chromebook Initiative applications.

Acquiring Proficiency
If a teacher needs to increase their skill set, they must:
  • Watch a series of videos to learn about the features and functions of the specific Google tools (Drive, Docs, and Forms)
  • Complete the challenges
  • Score at least 70% on a quiz for each tool reviewed (you may take it more than once
Process for Gaining Proficiency Through
  1. Go to and sign up for an account 
  2. Watch the required chapters and sections from the Google Drive Essential Training course as listed below.
  3. Complete the listed challenges.
  4. Take the short quiz. If you score below 70%, take it again. Feel free to use the videos or other resources to help.
If you complete the tutorials outside your contracted day, you may apply for up to two hours of curriculum writing for each topic (Drive, Docs, and Forms) with a maximum of 6 hours for all topics. Completion will be verified through:
  1. Watching videos (all activity is recorded and will be reviewed)
  2. Completing the challenges
  3. Passing the quizzes
To request a time sheet, please complete this form when you have completed all of your necessary Google Proficiency Courses.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to return the time sheet via campus mail to Dan McDowell. 

All time sheets need to be submitted by September 30.
Google Proficiency Courses

Directions: To obtain a proficiency in each of Google categories (Drive, Docs, and Forms), please complete the following:

  1. Watch the videos prescribed in each section

  2. Complete the challenges in each section

  3. Complete the quiz in each section

Please refer to the email to see what, if any sections, you are required to complete as a prerequisite to getting your teacher computer. You can also contact your Technology Coordinator for this information.

Section 1: Google Drive

Section 2: Google Docs