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I'm Just Getting Started....
If you want a refresher or just need some basic skills, start here. The list below will bring you to the video tutorials for each tool.

You can watch an entire course OR find the specific part of the tool that you want to learn. Most of the short segments are two - four minutes.

Every staff member and student in GUHSD has access to - a video-based tutorial website. 

The following are direct links to the courses:
If you crave a deeper knowledge on the tools, check out the complete courses on the Google tool set.
  1. Google Calendar Essential Training
  2. Gmail Essential Training
  3. Google Drive Essential Training (Includes Drive, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Forms)
  4. Google Sites Essential Training
Additionally, Google just released a series of new courses aimed at educators:
  1. Internet 101
  2. Google Apps for Education Overview
  3. Gmail for Educators
  4. Google Drive for Educators
  5. Chrome and Chromebooks for Education