Google Classroom

Class is a new tool created by Google to allow teachers to push assignments out to students and for students to turn those assignments back in to the teacher. Here is the basic workflow:
  1. Teacher creates an activity / template in Docs, etc.
  2. Teacher then creates an assignment in Classroom.
  3. Students receive that assignment.
  4. When finished they turn it in through Classroom.
  5. Teacher can check to see who has submitted them and can open each document to grade it.
  6. When finished, the teacher can return it to the student.
Other Features
  • Teachers can assign a Google Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawing, a link, a YouTube video, an attachment, OR can just give a text description. Plus, you can add multiple items to an assignment.
  • Students can attach additional items to an assignment, including other Docs and links.
  • When students turn in a Doc, editing privileges are revoked for the student. They cannot see comments until the teacher returns it.
  • At this time, you cannot assign collaborative assignments. However, they can still be done (see screencast).
  • When students are working on an assignment, the teacher cannot see progress until it has been turned into the teacher.
How it Works
  • Classroom manages folders in Google Drive. It copies files to teacher and student folders.
  • In Drive, a folder called Classroom is created. Individual class folders are copied into that.
Screencasts coming soon.